Mission Statement

We at Lyme Disease Awareness Foundation strive to educate the public, our health care systems, our physician base and our communities about the importance of diagnosing Lyme disease as quickly and as accurately as possible. An ongoing Lyme disease misdiagnosis can and will lead to serious and irreversible damage to the central nervous system, vital organs, psychiatric issues, extreme health issues and eventually death, if left untreated.

L.D.A.F. was founded on the belief that education and early intervention is the key to curing this misunderstood and misdiagnosed illness that has devastated many lives, families and communities. We strive and struggle to break down the health system barriers that refuse to appropriately set-up strict laboratory guidelines that accurately determine Lyme disease infection.

Lyme Disease Awareness Foundation’s mission is to raise funds through charitable donations, in order to provide financial assistance for those who cannot afford proper Lyme disease testing and diagnosis.