Testimonial: Danielle, Misdiagnosed with POTS

I would like to thank Deb Gutierrez and L.D.A.F. for all the support and financial assistance they have given my daughter, Danielle. She has been very ill for over five years. Danielle has seen many doctors from Kaiser, private physicians, UCLA, Stanford and finally Dr. Raphael Stricker M.D. in S.F., Ca. Her symptoms were extreme fatigue, vertigo, migraines, anxiety, insomnia and pain in her joints. Due to all of this, she has not been able to work or even function and has been couch bound for the past two years. One of the doctors at Stanford diagnosed Danielle with POTS and she started taking a beta blocker to control it. After about a year on the medication, she wasn’t feeling any better though.

Several months ago Deb Gutierrez encouraged us to see Dr. Stricker M.D. and get more extensive blood tests for Lyme disease. We did this and the results came back with four co-infections of the disease. Danielle is now on antibiotics and we are praying for this to put an end to her suffering.

Without the caring concern of Deb we would not have searched in this direction for a cure. My daughter, her husband and I are forever grateful to her and the very important foundation (L.D.A.F.) she has birthed to aid others in this dreaded disease.

With love, prayers and many thanks!

Debie DeMaria

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