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Testimonial: Danielle, Misdiagnosed with POTS

I would like to thank Deb Gutierrez and L.D.A.F. for all the support and financial assistance they have given my daughter, Danielle. She has been very ill for over five years. Danielle has seen many doctors from Kaiser, private physicians, UCLA, Stanford and finally Dr. Raphael Stricker M.D. in S.F., Ca. Her symptoms were extreme […]

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Testimonial: Melody, Diagnosed with M.S.

In August of 2011 my son in law, Art P., who was 49 at the time was put on permanent disability.  He was diagnosed in one clinic in Santa Barbara as having “Primary lateral sclerosis.”  The symptoms were heavy slurred speech, difficulty walking, and shaking really bad; with severe depression as well. Art went to […]

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Testimonial: C.J. ‘s Story, Diagnosed Bipolar Type I, 16 years old

My name is Ann and I live in California. In March of 2012, my daughter started displaying strange psychiatric symptoms.  C.J.’s personality changed suddenly and she had rage attacks, delusions, paranoia, hallucinations and demonstrated self harming and destructive behaviors. C.J. saw dozens of Psychiatric Professionals from March of 2012, until stabilization around September 2012.   These […]

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